Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009


my Friends, on posting times, we will learn about how to setting the router, so we understand how the router setting is good and right so as not to give way easily in people. there is an early stage setup of a router that we should do. as follows:

1. Protec Console
As for the commands used are:
- Ena (enter)
- Conf t (enter)
- Hostname name you (enter)
- Exit

example, see this picture taken

2. User Config

- Ena (enter)
- Conf t (enter)
- Line console 0 (enter)
- Password (enter your password and enter)
- Login (enter)
- Exit
- Exit

example, see this picture taken

3. Ip configuration Addres

- Ena
- Conf t
- Int fa 0 / 0
- Addres ip (please provide ip according to your wishes)

example, see this picture taken

if we already know the whole part of the router settings, we now setting overall. enough friends to follow steps taken this step.

conf t
line console 0
password XXXX (XXXX in the content as you wish)
int fa 0 / 0 (fa anything other ports in use)
ip addres (ip ip addres according to the wear on your PC)
no shutdown

get here before we pembelajrn. we will learn about enabling the console password, set password exec previledge mode, enabling telnet and enabling SSH on the next post ....
n selmat successful learning for us all ....................

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